Hello Friends,

We hope you are well!

As we all have seen and been experiencing, there have been increased prices throughout grocery stores, retail stores, at the gas pump, etc. The restaurant industry has also been encountering skyrocketing prices on food, liquor, and restaurant supplies from our vendors. This volatility in pricing has been a challenge since the pandemic began, and has escalated rapidly over the last few months, along with the additional challenges of unpredictable availability and delayed deliveries due to global and national supply chain disruptions. We have also been experiencing staffing challenges due to the nationwide labor shortage, which has resulted in required increased wages and additional expenses to the restaurant, adding to our increasing costs to operate.

Unfortunately, with restaurant margins already slim during normal times, we are no longer able to absorb these increases and have reached the point where we have to pass them along to our guests. Rather than raise our prices, we will be adding a temporary surcharge to guest checks starting Monday, September 20th, and we wanted to be transparent and let you know.

We look forward to a time when fluctuating costs even out, and deliveries and product availability become more consistent again so that we can do away with this charge and go back to normalcy. We are all in this together and we will all be stronger on the other side!

We genuinely appreciate all of your continued support,

The Eno Vino Family

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